Monaco – Grown Up To Love

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About Monaco

A full of spirit Polish girl moved to Rotterdam to make her dream come true.

With her pure, beautiful voice and unconventional compositions, she hits the stage with the magic aura that takes you to a higher level of joy and emotions.

Her simply said song stories have been served with unusual, sometimes even unexpected chord progressions influenced by Jazz, Soul and RnB with sprinkling of electornic and alternative music.

​Since her short but very eventful time in the Netherlands she’s been collaborating with local musicians. With some of them she bonded for longer collaboration recording her first EP album Grown Up To Love.

As the singer claims, this is the proccess she got through from a little young and naive Polish girl to a grown woman she has become now.

The last song ‘Fever’ made with collaboration of producer JSonus (James Jacobs) shows the final stage of her transformation from a little girl to the independent and strong woman.

With the spicy lyrics and deep house sound Monaco wants to show that in every girl there is a sexy, beautiful and self-confident woman to discover.

Meet MONACO – pureness, soul and magic at once.


Grown Up To Love

The EP “Grown Up To Love” was recorded by Gerardo Gruosso and additional electronic instruments were composed by Christian Hostert.

My function in this project was mixing and mastering engineer.




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