Foliot – Ikaros

Release Date: 29. June 2016
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After more than a year, ikaros finally flies. What a journey this has been. From writing those songs, lonely in the night, to recording them live in the studio with @Tobias Bücken. From hearing the mixes for the first time to seeing the finished artwork by @Leonie Berg. From playing them in the rehearsals to being able to hear them on spotify, amazon, apple music, deezer and many more. What a journey, indeed. A journey full of tears, screams, shouts, anger, frustration, giving up, getting up again, breaking strings, developing a coffee-addiction, getting rid of that coffee-addiction, sadness and, after all, joy. I’ve started writing these songs about 5 years ago. This EP is about growing up. It’s about saying goodbye and how sometimes people just leave you. Or how sometimes, you leave them. It’s about experiencing loss, whilst also knowing what you have. It is dedicated to pain, to being hurt and to allowing yourself to be just that. It’s heartbreak, love and death. So here’s to mistakes, to loosing, to flying. A toast to having lost, being alone and feeling disconnected. An Ode to sadness and to never being lonely, ever again. yours, FOLIOT



About Foliot

Foliot makes raw and pure rockmusic, which flatters in a range from alternative britrock to progressive metal, taking a shortcut through classical music and popclichés, brought to listeners in a disguise of a mean/trippy layout, and by that, slowly bringing the darkness into the minds of other humans. Gathering influences from the radioheads ‘In Rainbows“ or the psychedelic placebo songs from „Without you I’m nothing“, Foliot merges genres, sounds and ideas into something that is pure and true. Creeping its way into the human ear like the ghost it once was in Italian folklore, Foliot triggers emotions and vibes, with light guitars and beautiful, yet disturbing chords and lyrics. And as steady as a ticking gear wheel of a clock, it steals it’s way into the mind.
„A specter is haunting Europe.“¹ A specter called Foliot.



Folio’s song “April” is about unstable conditions in weather, as well as in our mind.
Whenever we doubt ourselves or become depressed, we also become moody. One day, we’re almost manic, the other day, we won’t move out of bed. One day starts okay but ends in a disaster. We’re literally like April, because one cannot predict our moods, and one cannot prepare oneself for them.

Restless Wanderer

“I wrote this song when I just moved from my hometown. It was a new country, new people, a new tongue I had to learn. In the beginning, it was difficult to arrange myself with it, I’m kinda lazy and I do like it, whenever things stay the same. I felt like I did not belong anywhere anymore, because whenever I visited my parents, it didn’t really felt like home after all , but whenever I wasn’t with them, it didn’t felt like home either. I came to think that everyone has someplace they belong to, some behavior that is natural for them to have, just like animals have, and that maybe, I miss this natural behavior, this one place I belong to. With time comes change, and so, within a year I „homed“ myself in, but from time to time, I still hear my doubts in this song.”    – Max Boquoi (Foliot)