Devoured EP

Release Date: 1. January 2016
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About the album

The “Devoured EP” was my biggest project in the second half of 2015. I did not only produce the album, I also composed and arranged the music and wrote all the lyrics.

While this is my very first original EP and I feel like my skill level improved significantly since producing it, I do stand behind this EP very much since it represents what I’m trying to accomplish as a producer.

The EP can widely be classified as alternative metal or metalcore. However, the tracks “Ascension” and “The Hardest Part” might as well be labeled alternative rock. I am especially proud of the track “Run Away” which I would call a mixture of deathcore and drum n’ bass.

You can hear me perform as a singer, guitarist and bassist on all of the tracks. The drums are played by the amazing Marco Tecza and Kevin Wolf. The current vocalist of the metalcore band “Cypecore” – Dominic Christoph – takes over the vocals in the verses and bridges of “Denial” and “Run Away”, as well as in the breakdown of “Save You”.

In 2017 I used Domenic’s vocals of the track “Run Away” to produce the single “Run” which I featured on this EP. The intro of that song is sung by Maximilian Boquoi.