AVoid – Insidious

Release Date: 22. May 2016
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About “Insidious”

When I started writing this single, all I really had was this guitar riff that happened to fit precisely into a 7/8 measure, a rather untypical groove for this kind of “djent” track. However I ended up liking the riff so much that I decided to base the whole track around the groove of it.

I actually used the build-in microphone of my macbook to record the vocals – I figured the way I record them would be irrelevant since I’d distort and pitchshift the crap out of them anyways.

Basically the intention of the track is to make you want to smash stuff, which is quite obviously underlined by the lyrics. In retrospective “Smash Stuff” would have made for a pretty fitting song title as well – I should keep that one in mind for future productions.