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About Me

My name is Tobias Bücken. I was born in Düren (Germany) in 1993 and studied MediaMusic at the ArtEZ Conversatorium in Enschede (Netherlands).

As a music producer my roots lie in metal(core) and heavy rock music.
Bands like Bring Me The Horizon and Periphery probably inspired me the most.
While my original compositions tend to consist of low tuned guitars combined with electronic sounds and effects, my goal as a producer is to help artists unlock their music's full potential, regardless of genre.

My portfolio ranges from metal over rock, pop, hip-hop and dance to jazz-productions.

I especially enjoy creating powerful, dark and impactful sounds.

My Portfolio


Tobias Bücken – Can You Hear Me

Foliot – Ikaros

Eleison Cover Final


Martin O´Neil - Take the Chance

Martin O’Neill

AVoid Closer 3



Monaco - Grown Up To Love


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